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Drinking Water Source Protection

What Does 'Drinking Water Source Protection' mean?

Water is critical to all aspects of our lives and it is important that we ensure there are safe and reliable sources of water for all of our uses - now and in the future.

Drinking Water Source Protection (DWSP) is all about keeping the 'source' of our drinking water safe and usable. What we mean by 'sources' is where individuals, like yourself, obtain your drinking water. Many people in rural areas are on well, for example. This is the 'source' of their drinking water. Others may get their water from nearby rivers or lakes.

Whatever the 'source', it is extremely important that we realize how important it is to keep our water clean.

As part of the process, to ensure safe drinking water, the Ontario Government introduced legislation – Clean Water Act that required Source Protection Plans to be developed for watersheds in Ontario. The focus of the Clean Water Act is municipal drinking water wells and intakes and their related water sources.

This required extensive field work and technical work to pinpoint sources of drinking water, as well as other data that was crucial in determining possible threats to these important areas. Factors such as land use, soils, vegetation cover, natural areas, etc., are all important in determining where our water is coming from, where it has been and what threats it may encounter along the way.

When the study process began the provincial government divided Ontario into Source Water Protection 'regions'. The region for this location is indicated in the map below. It includes the jurisdictions of the Grey Sauble and Saugeen Conservation Authorities as well as the Municipality of Northern Bruce Peninsula.

The Source Protection Plan for this region has been approved by the Minister of the Environment and Climate Change.

Learn more about Drinking Water Source Protection project by going to their website linked here.

Local partnership includes Saugeen Conservation, Grey Sauble Conservation Authority and Municipality of Northern Bruce Peninsula.

Jurisdiction Map


Contact Information

Staff members of the Source Water Protection team can be contacted at:

Telephone:(519) 470-3000
Fax:(519) 470-3005

Office: Grey Sauble Conservation Authority
RR# 4, 237897 Inglis Falls Road
Owen Sound, ON N4K 5N6 (Canada)

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