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Shoreline Programs

Saugeen Conservation works with many local groups and organizations with respect to shoreline issues. Staff sit on both committees and organizations listed below. Check out this information to stay up-to-date with respect to shoreline issues and projects.

Lake Huron Centre for Coastal Conservation

Saugeen Conservation has a valuable partnership with the Lake Huron Centre for Coastal Conservation (LHCCC). SVCA staff sit on the LHCCC Board of Directors and contribute to conservation programming and initiatives accordingly.

This purpose of the organization is to provide services to municipalities, landowners and shoreline users along Lake Huron, on issues such as coastal conservation, beach stewardship, habitat restoration and shoreline monitoring data.

The Lake Huron shoreline is one of the most heavily utilized resource within the Saugeen watershed.  Conservation efforts undertaken now will help to ensure that ecological values are not compromised because of overuse or unwise choices.

Saugeen Conservation began a partnership with the Coastal Centre in 1997, to ensure that its shoreline municipalities could continue to have access to specialized coastal management services.

The LHCCC is a registered charitable organization dedicated to the conservation of the Lake Huron shoreline through research, education and community outreach.

The Centre's mission is to provide leadership and expertise in collaboration with partners, to achieve a healthy Lake Huron coastal ecosystem.  This partnership is a cost-effective approach to meeting our watershed objectives.

You can visit the Great Lakes water level website for the latest on water levels.

Healthy Lake Huron - Clean Water, Clean Beaches

In 2011 a group of dedicated environmental professionals, led by staff from the Ministry of the Environment gathered together to address environmental issues along Lake Huron with an aim to improve overall water quality along the southeast shores.

In so doing, they identified five major watersheds which require immediate action in terms of environmental focus.

In SVCA's jurisdiction, this included the PINE RIVER WATERSHED.

The Pine River Watershed is located in the southwest corner of SVCA's jurisdiction.  While Saugeen Conservation was established in 1950, the Pine River Watershed did not become a part of the SVCA until 1990.

More information on Healthy Lake Huron can be found on their website.



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