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Saugeen Conservation provides several properties for hunting. This page provides general information regarding hunting practices on our properties. All federal, provincial, and municipal regulations/legislation apply.

Please be aware that hunting is permitted on all Saugeen Conservation lands, except for the following:

  • Sulphur Spring Conservation Area (formerly known as Headquarters Conservation Area)
  • Durham Conservation Area
  • Brucedale Conservation Area
  • Varney Conservation Area
  • Denny’s Dam Conservation Area
  • Saugeen Bluffs Conservation Area
  • Stoney Island Conservation Area
  • Allan Park Conservation Area / Management Unit

In addition: hunting of waterfowl is NOT permitted at the following:

  1. Saugeen Conservation Managed Forest, Tract # 42-280-20, Lot 10, Concession #9, former Bentinck Twp
  2.  Schmidt Lake (Greenock Swamp)

Please note as well that Saugeen Conservation does not permit the use of ATV’s, 4-wheel-drive vehicles and motor bikes on any Authority properties. We ask that the public respect the purpose and intent of the policy. Offences in this regard could result in fines and / or other penalties.

See our map of our properties where hunting is/is not allowed. (pdf)


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