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Our History

Saugeen Conservation was established in March of 1950. It was initiated through the efforts of the Town of Walkerton and surrounding watershed municipalities in response to problems associated with flooding.

Mr. Irwin Lobsinger, a life long resident of Walkerton and one of the most prominent figures in the formation of the Authority, initiated a meeting of surrounding municipalities in November 1949.

One of the first projects of the newly formed Authority was to develop a dyke system around the Town of Walkerton to decrease and/or eliminate flooding potential within the Town.

The first budget of Saugeen Conservation was $5,000. The main office at that time, was located in the Town of Walkerton. Initially, its member municipalities consisted of those within the Saugeen watershed only.

Today, the Authority has 15 member municipalities representing the watersheds of the Saugeen, Pine, Penetangore and smaller Lake Fringe watersheds along Lake Huron. The main office is located in the Hamlet of Formosa in Bruce County. Saugeen Conservation has jurisdiction over 4,675 sq. km. (1,800 square miles). It owns over 8,498 ha (21,000 acres) of natural areas, consisting of significant natural areas, Authority forests and Conservation Areas.


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