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2013 Watershed Report Cards





Just in time for Canada Water Week, Conservation Ontario coordinates the release of Watershed Report Cards from all 36 Conservation Authorities across Ontario.

Watershed Report Cards are excellent tools for both Conservation Authorities and watershed residents in that they present vast amounts of research and technical data into an easy-to-read format which allows everyone to view the same snapshot of local environmental health! This report card series is based on data from 2008 - 2013.

Monitoring Helps Us To..

  • Identify current issues and possibly future ones
  • Focus management or stewardship programs
  • Track progress over time

Due to the size of the Saugeen Conservation jurisdiction, the area was divided up into 10 subwatersheds (see below).  


Watershed Report Cards

Please click on the link below to download the Watershed Report Card of choice.  If you would like additional information on the Report Cards or if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at 519-367-3040 or

Download Printable PDF (below)

Interactive Flip Book (below) 

  1. Background
  2. Beatty Saugeen River Subwatershed
  3. Lake Fringe Subwatershed
  4. Lower Main Saugeen River Subwatershed
  5. North Saugeen River Subwatershed
  6. Penetangore River Watershed
  7. Pine River Watershed
  8. Rocky Saugeen River Subwatershed
  9. South Saugeen River Subwatershed
  10. Teeswater River Subwatershed
  11. Upper Main Saugeen River Subwatershed
  12. Suggestions for a Better Watershed 
  13. Executive Summary


Report Card Information

If you would like additional information on the Watershed Report Cards, how they were completed, what they mean and how measurements and categories were chosen, please click on one of the following:

  1. SVCA press Release
  2. Conservation Ontario - Press Releasee for the Watershed Report Cards, Province-Wide, and how they were timed for World Water Week, 2013. 
  3. Frequently Asked Questions about Watershed Report Cards
  4. Fact Sheet on Watershed Report Cards
  5. Provincial Map of Conservation Authorities Across Ontario
  6. Past Watershed Report Cards


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