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Planning and Regulations Inquiry

For Planning or Regulations Inquiries Only

If you would like to ask Saugeen Conservation about a subject relating to a specific property or location, or if you would like to report an activity or activities which may be of concern or interest to the SVCA, please complete the information request form below.  Providing us with this information will help us to answer your question more promptly.

This form is for initial inquiries only.  It is not an application form for a permit. Fees may apply to certain inquiries, however you will be contact prior to incurring any fees.  If you wish to remain anonymous please indicate such. 

Planning and Regulation Fees


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Your Inquiry

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Watercourse work (e.g. culvert, stream clean-out)
Potential property purchase
General property inquiry

Property Location You are Asking About

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Brief Description of Proposal or Question

Please provide a description of your proposal (e.g., what you would like to do, dimensions, etc.) or what information you would like to obtain from the SVCA. Note: Generally a site plan is required to initiate review of proposed construction. If you have a site plan available (hand drawn is sufficient at this stage), please include it with the email.
File Upload If you have more than one file, please combine all files into a winzip file before uploading. Only the following file formats are accepted in this form: PDF, DOC, JPG, BMP, PNG, ZIP. There is a 5 MB limit to files posted.
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