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Foundation Projects

The Saugeen Valley Conservation Foundation raises money every year for various conservation environmental projects that are deemed a priority by both the SVCF and Saugeen Conservation.

The following are projects, new initiatives and ongoing endeavours of the Saugeen Valley Conservation Foundation.

Greenock Trail Project

Development of a trail system in this, the single largest forested wetland in Southern Ontario. The proposed 7.4km trail will lead visitors through some of the richest habitats in and around this vast wetland.  Interpretive signage is also included, highlighting the colourful history of this unique complex.


Conservation Area Improvements

Ongoing improvement at our Conservation Areas.  This could include boardwalk systems, improved signage, interpretive materials, bridges and crossings, etc.



Conservation Education Materials

The Foundation assists with various programs of Saugeen Conservation, wherever requested.  This includes supporting the purchase of materials and equipment necessary for programs, such as Conservation Education, involving thousands of students each and every year.



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