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Saugeen Conservation operates three major campgrounds and two smaller ones. All are situated within Conservation Areas that are owned and managed by Saugeen Conservation.

Group + Seasonal Camping

Saugeen Conservation offers both Group and Seasonal Camping at the Durham and Saugeen Bluffs Conservation Areas. The Brucedale Campground, located at the Brucedale Conservation Area offers Seasonal Camping but does NOT offer the Group Camping feature.

Questions?  Feel free to contact your main office (during the off-season), at 519-367-3040 or email us at  From May to October you can contact the park of your choice directly at the following numbers:

  1. Brucedale Conservation Area 519-389-4516
  2. Durham Conservation Area 519-369-2074
  3. Saugeen Bluffs Conservation Area 519-353-7206
  4. McBeath Conservation Area - accessible by canoe only.  No reservations required - first come, first served. Please bring your own drinking water.

For group or seasonal camping, please call (519) 367-3040, extension 222.

To request a site at the Brucedale Park you may continue to use the simple Brucedale Online Reservation Form




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