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Legends and Tales of the Great Swamp


Posted: July 9, 2017

(Please note this tour is now FULL. Due to poular demand, there is another tour scheduled for Saturday, September 9th.  Please feel free to contact us for additional details or check out eventbrite.)

Join Saugeen Conservation staff for our second unique tour of Southern Ontario's single largest forested wetland.

This tour will begin in the small community of Chepstow (Catholic Church), where a brief introduction will be provided about the Swamp, its history, culture and intrigue! 

From there a coach bus will take attendees to one of the most unique historical buildings in the area, the Chepstow Inn (newly refurbished), for a tour and to hear a few tall tales about the once-favoured local watering hole! 

The bus will then travel to the core of the swamp where visitors will learn about the massive logging operation that occured there in the late 1800's by the famous lumber barron Henry Cargill. 

Staff will talk about the logging process of that era, and the challenges associated with getting the trees out of the swamp - the long hours, hard work and visits to the nearby hotel. 

Next, visitors will be taken to the small community of Cargill, once noted as one of the most prosperous communities in Ontario.  Everyone will take a walk around the property that used to host the 'big red house', built and owned by Henry Cargill in the late 1800's.  Talks will focus on the mills that used to exist there and the immense lumber processing that occured in Cargill at one time. 

The next stop on this tour is to the new floating boardwalk erected on Schmidt Lake, where attendees will be encouraged to take a short walkabout to talk about the rare and unusual plant life, as well as the unique enviornment in which they grow. Special attention will be given to the so-called 'man-eating plants' of legends long ago.

Afterwards, everyone will travel back to Chepstow for a full course meal prepared by a local ladies group.  Stories and legends will continue as everyone enjoys a wonderfully prepared hot meal along with savoury home-made pies and treats!

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