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The Legendary Greenock Swamp Tours

ticket graphic2020 Tours (to date)


  1. Saturday, (2-7pm), May 2 -  check out
  2. Saturday, (2-7pm), July 4 - check out
  3. Saturday, (2-7pm), August 8 - check out


  1. Saturday, (2-7pm), May 16 -  To book a tour for this date, visit
  2. Saturday, (2-7pm) September 5) - Visit


New this year - THE BANK HEIST!

Book your tour today and learn more about the Legendary Greenock Swamp, the largest forested wetland in Southern Ontario. 

Hear about the largest logging operation in Bruce County and the stories and legends of the 1800's. Learn about the logging camps, the hardships, the lore, and of course, Henry Cargill, the lumberbaron who started it all!

  1. Saturday, (2-7pm), June 6 - go to to book your tour
  2. Saturday (207pm), July 25 - go to to book your tour


3 Great Tours - 3 Great Experiences!

Cost:  The cost for 2020 is $85.00 per person or $80.00 each for two. 

The tour(s) include bus transportation (for the tour itself), wine and/or beer tasting, locally prepared treats, tours of historic buildings, and a famous Bruce County church supper, complete with all the trimmings and home-made pies!

Timing: Each tour takes place on a Saturday, from 2 - 7pm.  The full course meal, for each tour, is served at 5:30pm.  Please check dates below.

Attire: Individuals are encouraged to dress casually and dress for the weather.  No open-toes shoes please.  There is some walking involved, but not too much.  Individuals are certainly more than welcome to stay on the bus during these stops if they wish.

Experience something different!


Given the interest in this magnificent wetland and its rich culture, staff, in conjunction with Regional Tourism Organition 7 (RTO7), the Municipality of Brockton and Bruce County designed tours for the swamp that have been extremely popular.

Tour #1 - Legends of the Great Swamp

This tour encompasses the legends and lore of this incredible natural area.  This swamp has always been a source of intrigue since the first Euopean settlers arrived in the mid-1800's.  Legends abound about man-eating plants, quick sand and a mysterious green light that has driven even the most dedicated outdoorsman, running for his life.

This tour features lots of legends and lore, as well as tours of local historic buildings (including the Chepstow Inn), wine tasting, a walk along the floating boardwalk system, a visit to the Village of Cargill, the centre of all the 1800's great logging era, a tour into the infamous Greenock Swamp, and, as a finale - a full course Bruce County church supper and more!

Contact for more information or call 519-367-3040 ext. 229.  You can also book your tour at

A general itinerary of the day can be found here.

Check out the video from Tourism GreyBruceSimcoe


Tour #2   Bootlegging Lore of the Great Swamp

This tour takes in the infamous prohibition era and the production of Swamp Whiskey in the 20,000 acre Greenock Swamp!   What a better place to hide and cook up the home-made brew! 

We'll talk about the hidden stills, those who tried to run from the law, the failures and the hilarious antics that went on during this time period.  

Also included on this tour, is a visit to the Walkerton Jail which operated for 144 years.  Retrace the footsteps of the famous inmates and learn about the incredible escape artists.

As a finale, everyone can sit down to a full course turkey dinner, (one of the famous Bruce County church suppers), complete with home-made pies!  


This tour takes visitors on a whirlwind experience involving the infamous Cargill bank robbery of 1934!  Find out how the robbers got the inside scoop on the bank and its layout!  Who were the robbers and where did they come from!  We'll find out if the locals were involved and how the bank robbers retreated into the Greenock Swamp to count their loot.

All this and more!  Great actors, great fun and fabulous food!  Once again, the tour will feature Bruce County's famous church suppers, well-known throughout the area and beyond!  Homemade pies and desserts await all those with a healthy and  well earned appetite at the end of the tour.



"Our “mystery” group of 14 enjoyed the tour immensely. We learned so many things about that area of Bruce county and the vital importance of the retention of swamp land in a fun and entertaining way. The actors were great and we had a lot of fun with them and the delicious meal was enjoyed by all of us. The group raved about the entire day - from coffee and yummy cookies which was such a nice way to start the day to the beautiful meal served at the end of the day. Congratulations to you and your committee for putting this educational, fun and entertaining event together." P. Wilken

"It was awesome!"

"Lots of fun and laughs!"

"Our tour was exceptionally well run. The actors were entertaining and informative.  Thanks to everyone!"

"Keep up the great work!"

"Interaction was great!"

"So nice to have come.  A person travels around the world but most of the time we don't know anything about where we live!"

"It was a great day with lots of laughs.  It was a wonderful way to spend an afternoon!" 





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