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Authority Members


   SVCA Administrative By-Laws

Luke  Charbonneau      CHAIR   519-386-9786 Town of Saugeen Shores
Dan Gieruszak      1st Vice-Chair   519-353-7251 Municipality of Brockton
Maureen Couture      2nd Vice-Chair   519-396-3468 Municipality of Kincardine
Kevin Eccles      Member-at-Large   519-799-5476 Municipality of West Grey
John Bell      Member   519-369-6894 Municipality of West Grey
Robert Buckle      Member   519-392-8733 Municipality of South Bruce
Township of Howick
Municipality of Morris-Turnberry

Mark Davis      Member   519-353-5446 Municipality of Arran-Elderslie
Barbara Dobreen      Member   519-379-5554 Township of Southgate
Brian Gamble      Member   519-794-2952 Township of Chatsworth
Wilf Gamble      Member   519-395-3278 Township of Huron-Kinloss
Stewart Halliday      Member   519-378-5398 Municipality of Grey Highlands
Steve McCabe      Member   519-321-9352 Town of Minto
Township of Wellington North
Sue Paterson      Member   519-364-2780 ext. 230 Town of Hanover
Mike Smith      Member   519-389-8657 Town of Saugeen Shores
Andrew White      Member   519-396-2399 Municipality of Kincardine

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